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Service Modes

Individual counselling: 

One on one, face to face meeting with the client.

Group counselling:        

Meeting clients as a group. Certain conditions and limitations are applied. Please consult with me.


Family counselling:     

Family members together attending counselling sessions. Family members are defined by the client. 

In home counselling:

As a  motivated counselor who wish to be available for the people in need, I provide in home counselling to certain clients who are not able to get to me.(For example, issues related to travel to my office, housebound, comfort level or

need family support during counselling session). This option work with many conditions and limitations set by me based on the safety and confidentiality policies.  I reserve the right to decline or accept the in home session with an interested client.


Online Counselling:   

Video Counselling is available for those who prefer to meet online. Please contact me.

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