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Benefits for Clients

  1. As a compassionate, empathetic and reflective listener, I try to understand and validate client’s emotional pain and other aspects of loss and grief.

  2.  I collaborate with my clients to set your own goals. Since you are defining your goals , you can remain motivated, accept therapeutic interventions and works for necessary changes.

  3. Enabling the clients to understand their grief responses.

  4. Assessing the clients’ grief status to identifying your concerns, strengths and struggles.

  5. Providing a safe and respectful environment for the expression of your intense emotions.

  6. Encouraging the clients to discover the impacts of losses in various aspects of your life in order to promote self-care.

  7. Planning for realistic goals, appropriate services and helpful intervention according to the best interest or uniqueness of the client.

  8. Introducing new or promoting the existing coping strategies for clients to face their grief.

  9. Assisting clients to identify any disenfranchised or unrecognized grief.

  10. Providing necessary education or awareness related to grief and bereavement.

  11. I would be happy to assist, when clients seek Christian based approach as part of their healing from loss.

We believe that in spite of all the difficulties or hardships, we can still survive.  This is not the end of the world. We will be encouraged by realizing that there are resources and helps available to walk through with us in order to embrace a new life. I would try to be your “right grief counselor” and would be a companion to your grief journey.

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