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Practice Areas

I provide counselling to all adolescents, adults and older adults related to death, dying and non-death related loss experiences. I support individuals and families facing acute health diagnosis and terminal illness.  I also work with older adults and their family members and caregivers. Clients may feel free to name their losses.
Since grief is a unique and personal experience, each person has the right to define or redefine what their loss is. Therefore, my grief counselling is not limited to the above mentioned losses only.   As a counsellor, I would help my clients to identify and understand the impacts of losses and will support them through appropriate strategies.

Grief, loss and bereavement related concerns. Examples include but not limited to,

  • Death and dying

  • Psycho social issues of acute, chronic or terminal illness

  • Divorce

  • Retirement

  • Moving

  • Financial change

  • Loss of health

  • Empty nest

  • Life transitions/ changes

  • Meaning making or reconstruction after a life event

  • Anxiety, stress and relationship issues.

  • Supporting widowed parents with their unique psycho social needs/ challenges

Culturally Competent Care
As a social worker in grief counselling practice, I am committed to providing culturally sensitive or competent care to my clients. This means I respect clients priorities, lifestyle, cultural traditions, customs and values.
Spiritual Aspects of Grief
It is true that grief is a period when people look for opportunities for spiritual growth, finding meaning or purpose in life. Clients may feel free to discuss the spiritual matters. Your spiritual experiences will be validated and respected in an environment of interest and acceptance.
Counselling Fees

Counselling Fees

Professional Fees: $120 per hour. Each session lasts one hour. There is no fee for the initial consultation through phone or email prior to the counselling session.
Professional fees are set in accordance with the recommended fee range for social workers in private practice established by the Ontario Association of Social Workers. The clinical service provided by a social worker is HST exempt. A formal  receipt will be provided. Registered Social Workers are authorized as  “medical practitioners” as per Canada Revenue Agency for the purpose of claiming medical expenses (as of Sept.26,2012). Your counselling fee receipt ( If it is not covered by third party insurance) can be claimed as medical expense when you file your income tax return.  

For the Western university students, their health benefits plan covers 100% of the cost of counselling by a Registered Social Worker up to $750 per student year. There is no session maximum.
Payment options: Payment for services is expected at the end of your counselling session. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, and e-transfer.

Accepted Insurance Plans: Green Shield Canada and Blue Cross
Please note, no eligible person will be denied the service due to financial barriers. I will work with you to determine a sliding scale as per your benefits or income. If you experience any financial barriers please feel free to discuss it further with me.

Important information regarding social work coverage in group benefit plans. Please see the attached files:
Counselling Fees
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