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Counselling Approach

My approaches to grief counselling are:

1. Whole person approach:  It means, I recognize the multidimensional aspect of a person’s life and the impact of loss and grief in these dimensions.  For example, cognitive, emotional, physical, behavioral, spiritual and social aspects in your grief experiences.

2. Strength based approach:  Helping my clients to identify and utilize your own strengths , resources and abilities in your loss adaptation.

3. Solution focused approach: This helps the clients to find out how to face your grief related challenges.

4. Emotion focused approach: This approach helps the clients in understanding, experiencing and labeling your emotions to process the grief.

5. Narrative approach: This approach allow the clients to tell or retell your stories and develop new or different perspectives on life experiences.

6. Therapeutic activities/ interventions: Along with the counselling session, different therapeutic activities can be introduced according to the uniqueness of clients to help your therapeutic process.

7. Companion Model: My model to work with you is based on the philosophy of companionship, which means, I am walking along with you  in your grieving process.

 All these approaches are integrated with the knowledge and understanding of grief and bereavement theories and concepts.

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